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How Competitive Sport Teach Us about Life

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I love sports very much, even though not all kind of sports. At least, I love to watch the game. For instance, I love to watch GP, although through TV. I always wanted to watch the competition from circuit live, but I think this is not my time right now. I will have another chance, one day. Insha Allah. Almost every week I try to set the time to watch it on TV. When I watched the game, my heart beat faster as if I was driving that motor at that time.

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It took me to my last visit to my village, Bireuen, I was driving fast at the moment. I run after the other vehicle. I feel satisfied when I was at the front of other vehicle. Moreover, it taught me to be careful and keep both my eyes open to the street. If I not, I will get unexpected things happened. If I can assume, it is like a visionary of my life. I have to be prepared and step carefully before taking any decision. Caused this life is my life. I do not want to fail.

Moreover, our life is like a running competition. When we stop running, means we stop living. It is like a freedom and vitality we have that we should fight for it. It teaches me how to be brave and confident to grab the final rope.


I have to tell you that I love football as well as GP. It inspired me how team works won the game. For example, when I watched my lovely football team Barcelona FC, known as Barca, versus real Madrid FC, known as El Real, in Copa Del Rey League. I can see a strong competition athmosphere in the field. When the first team (Barca) attacked by the second team (El real), they tried to block the ball from the opponent.

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On the contrary, the second team will try their hard and their best to make a goal. They passed the ball to the striker to shoot the ball to the gate. They work cooperatively to achieve the same goal, win. I watched by my eyes when they do the counter attack so fast. Lionel Messi shot the ball to the gate and the time is over. Finally, El Barca won the competition. When they do not play as their role, I think they will not win the game, because everyone wants to shoot the ball to the gate. So, this is a team work and everyone should respect the team.

When I share this hobby to my friend, Fikar, he also took me to his experience when he was in high school, Al Manar Boarding School. At first, his school’s football team was an underdog team in contrast to their opponent teams, especially Oemar Diyan, the favorite one. “In short, finally, after many obstacles, with all of our efforts and team work, my team goes to final after many challenges. Again, fortunately, at the end we took the first rank. When I compare to our individual team, we should not win that competition. However, by our passion and competing as a team, also praying, we can win the game”, He told me.

At this time, I remember one remarkable quote by Hegel, a Germany Philosopher, “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion”. This is the proof that many things can be possible, of course after hard try, work, and focus and pray to succeed what we aimed to reach before. Then, I said to myself, “I do not want to lose it anymore in any competition”.

To sum up, life is just like a competition. Competition is everywhere, if we would like to live, and then compete. It teaches us about freedom, a strong willingness to fight what we believe that we should have by our side and win. If not, we will fall behind and the rest will leave us. Now, I realized that I still at this situation, so many great things that I should do and achieve. At this moment I should take my memory and experiences, develop my skills over and over again. Then, I should manage myself to think that this competition is mine. I should be abroad next year, Insha Allah. Please pray for me!

Thank you! 😀


Some Stereotypes (Still) In Aceh

“What? it is really unfair to have a good friend or special relationship with people from Aceh Selatan, South Aceh!”. That (still) was a familiar “saying” or “stereotype” in my environment. They usually judge every person from South Aceh has a “Black Magic”, so never keep in touch or make some trouble with them. Actually, not all of them have some magic or want to hurt us with magic. We also often hear that people from Sigli are stingy. In fact, not always or not all of them are stingy. We even meet someone from other part of Aceh is stingier than the real Sigli. Usually we make some frame or generalisation to some one or community.

Talking about stereotype is an interesting thing to discuss and understand as it goals to avoid misunderstanding about one culture. Stereotype is a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group. In global example, the cowboy and Indian are American stereotypes. It is like generalization about something or some one. I think it is not good idea to have in our culture because we only judge people by their looks not what really they are. We should know well and find out who are they and why they called as some “negative addressing”.

Therefore, misunderstanding or judging people by some stereotypes could be keep off. Let live in peace! 😀



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Dream Then Make it Happens!


Success may be different means by individuals, depends on what his/her aim, background, situations, motif, and many aspects.

I have heard that “success is just one step a head”, yeah. Just step on it. Only dare to step and tobe. It is not worthy to wait along the time only to wait somebody will “kick” your ass to the success moment. It is more than like that. You should create it by yourself. Believe me!

There is no one can persue your happiness but you. Your destiny is yours, you make it. The different is how hard you try and do to catch your dreams. Then make it happen. That it is.

In short, dream then make it happens. Sustainable changes, patience and pray! 😀



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